Dino Delvaille


Dino Delvaille is a game-changing music executive who’s introduced some of the most influential artists to grace the microphone. In his nearly 30-year career, Delvaille has worked as an A&R at Pay Day/Polygram Records, Universal Records and Sony BMG Entertainment, to name a few. When it comes to being an elite music executive, Dino Delvaille changed the game in the Hip Hop industry with his knack for talent searching. Delvaille developed that skill when he was just a child entering the United States from his homeland Jamaica and was forced to find comfort in an unknown land. Hip Hop became that safe-haven for him, and he would soon be able to contribute to the culture that is still felt to this day. Since 1992, Delvaille has been responsible for some of the most influential and successful Hip Hop acts in the recording industry. He prided himself in finding talent in other regions since New York and Los Angeles were the only cities pushing out stars, and he blazed through the competition by bringing acts such as Three 6 Mafia and Lil Flip into the national spotlight. If that’s not impressive, his artist résumé speaks for itself. People such as Rakim, 50 Cent, Xzibit, Collie Budz, Crucial Conflict and more saw success thanks to Delvaille making some great plays. However, his most significant accomplishment may be signing Cash Money Millionaires to Universal Records, which helped them become one of the most legendary acts in music history. Several of their artists went multi-platinum, including Juvenile, Hot Boys and Lil Wayne. Delvaille held several positions throughout his career. Some of those positions include A&R executive at Pay Day/Polygram Records and Universal Records, Senior VP of A&R at Sony BMG Entertainment’s urban departments of Columbia Records and Epic Records and more. These days Dino Delvaille is running the show at Dinodeal/Mojiza Management, Inc., a management and consulting company he founded in 2008. The company is currently making strides consulting for Sony Music, Red Bull Music and Universal and Delvaille also owns a full-fledged recording studio and production company called Creative Culture Music in Atlanta, Georgia. As he puts it, he’s looking to change the monotonous nature of the industry through Dinodeal and other endeavors.

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