Sydney Nycole


SydneyNycole is a Bay Area native. Once a top athlete in high school, that was on her way to secure a softball scholarship. Well, until she asked her father to sponsor a few music studio sessions for her Sweet 16 birthday. The music session flipped the script for Sydney Reeves, to go from star athlete too hip-hop-soul-Pop R&B songwriter/singer. Sydney immediately, took her three songs to Jamie Foxx’s Publishing company, through her father producer Gary Reeves relationship,  and landed herself a music publishing deal.

Shortly following, her stage name SydneyNycole blossomed. SydneyNycole’s wit, charm, grace and beauty has catapulted her talents into the national spotlight. After spending years polishing her skills writing, singing and selecting an electrifying band, she started charting her path for success. SydneyNycole’s visual appeal was confirmed 4 years ago, when a digital media company launched a photo site with just her images that attracted 150,000 followers in 4 months, before her father had requested to have it pulled down because of questionable male followers harassing

Sydney. Alicia Keyes called her “just beautiful” as the two of them shared the red carpet during Oscar Week a few years ago and Nia Long said, ” stunning”as she entered a restaurant in Los Angeles. Plus, an International  digital magazine wanted to name her Top 500 most beautiful women in the world, but out of fear of digital jealousy or backlash before her record comes out, they decided to wait to receive that accolade. So, the visual appeal is apparent, but as Sydney says gracefully,” it’s flattering, but I’m about the music”.

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