Class Enrollment [SJG CLEAN Master 1.1]


“Rising hip-hop artist and female powerhouse,” Wowashwow has a flare for the theatrical, a freestyling fluency fierce enough to threaten the male-dominated hip-hop scene and brings an “unbridled bravado through no holds barred, unapologetic rhymes.” With the visual surrealism of Missy Elliot, the untamable energy of Tina Turner meets Mcjagger, and the genre-fluidity of Radiohead, our South Jersey/Philly raised visionary is spanning genres and obliterating the hip-hop/pop formula.

Birthed during a stressful text conversation mid studio session, where boundaries were being set whilst fiery beats were being laid, “Class Enrollment” manifested into fruition to bring us an anthem that would prove to extinguish any negative energy and skyrocket feelings of self-worth. It is safe to say Wowashwow is taking the haters to school with this groovy, liquid-ecstasy pop-hop crossover.

At age six, Wowashwow was writing her first original songs which quickly led to an early career as the lead guitarist and singer of punk rock band, “Rise from Ashes.” This newfound fame evolved into a tour where she opened for The Ramones’ drummer, Marky Ramone, and recorded her first album under the direction of the iconic rock legend, Steve Albini. At age 18, Wowashwow moved to NYC and discovered the underground hip hop and ballroom scene, heavily influencing her approach to songwriting, stage performance and overall lifestyle.

Now hailing from Los Angeles, she’s played over 15 shows in two years, opened for Snoop Dog and Travis Barker, appeared at the Soul Train Awards 2022, charted #115 on the Hot300 List and has been featured in Remixd Mag, SXSWPop, Stitched Sound, Earmilk, and MUNDANE Mag, with appearances on Rockstar Superhero Podcast, Dash Radio, the Unstarving Musician Podcast and regular radio rotation on 101.5 FM (Los Angeles) and iHeart Radio’s Arena Podcast. Her latest music video, “Class Enrollment,” accumulated over 40K views in the first couple weeks and placed #1 in The Countdown. Wowashwow is currently in the running for the Tiny Desk Contest and is gearing up for a summer tour including Miami Pride main stage and Electrolux Festival San Francisco.


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