The Riddler’s Last Riddle

“The Riddler’s Last Riddle” is an energetic, aggressive rap song with a comic book theme and philosophical underpinning. In what has been described as an insane burst of raw authentic creativity, it was one of 22 songs Sol Roth wrote and recorded in just 22 days, many (this one included) completed in a single 2 hour session using ONLY the smartphone app Starmony.

“I’ve always loved artists who can make you follow a story or theme in a piece of work that requires thought to unravel what the meaning is, while still being enjoyable on the surface. The levels of meaning are like a puzzle that listeners have to unravel. The farther they go down the rabbit hole, the more they can relate it back to their own lives, experiences and philosophy. During my recording experiment, where I made an entire song in 2 hours, I looked at some artwork on my phone, including the piece that became my cover art (of me as a new Batman villain), and I ran with it.” said Sol Roth.


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