Sydney Alston


Over 20 years of experience in all facets of the music business has made Sydney Alston an in-demand music resource for artists in Los Angeles, and around the world.

After two record deals and 10 years on the road as a bass player and singer, he found a new passion for managing and developing talented kids. With a change in focus to the business side of things, Sydney was hired at Disc Makers, the industry leader in CD and DVD Manufacturing. Disc Makers has been the predominant partner to independent artists for over 60 years. Sydney quickly rose through the ranks and became the face of Disc makers in the Los Angeles branch of Disc Makers. Around the same time, he opened his first management and production company, where he used his relationships to develop young artists, set up major label showcases, and produce and promote independent records throughout the world.

As a manager, Sydney has set up many Major Label and Publishing showcases with companies like UMG, Warner Brothers, Capitol, Sony, Sony ATV, Warner Chappel, Cherry Tree Records, Interscope and many other major music companies. As a direct result of his efforts, after 2 years of development, he was responsible for getting 17-year old Major Myjah signed to a lucrative recording contract with Warner Brothers records.  Major now has a grammy and has written songs for superstar artists like Chris Brown, Usher, Miguel, and more. One of the producers he managed produced a song that won the Eurovision award for “best song” which propelled Emily Deforesters “Only Tear Drops” to #1 in 11 countries.  By specializing in artist development Sydney has helped many young artists achieve the goal of becoming full-time professionals touring the world writing music and doing what they love.

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