Dj Phranky is a Nigerian independent Afrobeat, Rap/hip hop artist and founder of Paveway Entertainment.

He raps about relatable issues, street life, pains, struggle and overcoming the odds. Acknowledging that GRACE brought him this far and motivating others to chase their dreams.

Dj Phranky is the first and only Nigeria independent artist without a silver-spoon, sponsor or record label to feature globally recognized industry legendary icons.

His music is unique and catchy he has a distinct sounds that captures the listeners and motivates success. He has worked with Hip hop legends Rick Ross, Sean Kingston, Dizzy Wright and a variety of award winning artist and producers.

With hands on experience, Dj Phranky has passion for everything from producing beats, writing, recording, mixing mastering lyrics, along with filming and editing videos.

He provides good vibes with music to dance to. Behind the scene, Dj Phranky Entrepreneur and has been preparing something big for all of you, backed with motivation, dedication and raw talent.

His music is a breath of fresh air that will have the listeners experiencing a range of emotions as you listen track to track.
He is truly a craftsman of music and entrepreneur. So sit back and enjoy the ride.


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