Low tide


Low tide is drowning out the sea
Memories of his skin on me
And in my voice rings the despair
All of my pleas lost in the air
Scattered like the sand of the beach
Reduced to silence, out of reach
I am no more than grains of sand
Blown by the wind out of your hand

Now here I stand and I am torn
Burnt by the silence of your scorn
Shaken and lost all my hope dies
One last look in your dreamy eyes
As you head out for somewhere new
And now all I have left of you
Are all the memories you leave
The screaming loudness of train wheels

To love her shore returned the sea
Barren and naked as can be
My love is barren, at low tide
This empty space I cannot hide
So I must wait for you in vein
Here in the hollow of my pain
Sorrow tearing me likes a knife
Standing at the door of my life

Music : BOLO JEAN-LUC (Jomerrick)
Arrangements : DAVID LAFILAY, BOLO JEAN-LUC (Jomerrick)

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