Made for You

Debut release ‘Made for You’ is a bittersweet ode to falling out of love and witnessing a previous partner find happiness in the arms of someone else. What happens when you run into someone you were once with, who decided they didn’t want their happy ending with you. One day it hurts and the next any memory that you had of them has vanished. One day you remember the good times, and the next, the bad. One day you think you’ll never find someone like them and then one day you’re really glad that you didn’t. Whether you found someone else or found yourself, you wish them the best. They weren’t evil, neither were you, it just didn’t work. You were different people to each other at different times. You gave it your all and it wasn’t enough, but she was. The girl that washed away all of their blues. You ask yourself again and again why it wasn’t you because you have everything that she has. A nice smile, you’re smart, funny and kind. The thing is, she speaks an unspoken language that they wrote for themselves. She was made for loving them. She was made for you.

Bright strings, thick bass lines and a warm soulful voice, Made for You is an Alternative Pop song that pulls at your heartstrings by blending electronic sounds with folk-like melodies. Recorded between Abbey Road Institute and her home in London, Sloane has created a track that reminds us that you can still love someone and let them go.


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