This is the BIGGEST HIT to come out of Nigeria and African Music scene in 2023 take it or leave it. Its a Club banger, A World Class HIT And an Evergreen Classic that has being every A&R’s favourite. This song will cut across cultures and transcend borders Produced by One of Africa’s Biggest Stars Davido’s Producer.

Sign me on a record deal I am ready to work and I will keep giving you HITS after HITS

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Song feedback

  1. (5/5)

    This is a very well done Afropop song. The production is both professional and innovative. The vocals are competent and nicely arranged. I don’t really understand a lot of the lyrics, which I think will be an issue for others as well. Overall I think this is good and catchy but I’m not sure what makes this song break out of the pack of the abundance of Afropop music being released right now.

  2. Hi Jeff, Thanks for your feedback. Most of the Afrobeat Hits out their many people dont understand the lyrics but they still vibe to it. Music has no real barrier when the melody is right people will vibe to it. Universal Music Refused to sign on Gbona when Burna Boy presented it to them and then he decided to release it on his own and it became a world hit. My point here is if this song is played in a pub, club or bar if u feel the melody you will dance to it without understand the lyrics. The percussion and the female voice at the beginning makes this song a HIT and outstanding from ALL Afrobeats songs currently out their. This song is currently the Number 1 song on AvenueAR. JEFF Can we discuss a record deal? I am ready to work with you if you wanna give me a Trial I believe this song will take over Africa if you give me a chance to prove myself by signing me on a Record deal. Looking forward to hearing from you soon