Michael J Foxx (Music)


Hey, I’m Michael J Foxx. I’ve been an artist and song writer for over 15 years. I have been an audio engineer for 10 years and graduated with honours where I went on to obtain my bachelors degree for audio recording & production. Ranging in many genres and styles of music, rooted in hip hop & rap music, soul, pop, r&b, punk rock, and alternate rock. I have released several bodies of work including: Single releases, albums, mixtapes, collaborations, and features. I have founded an independent label in 2019 : Just One Mic Recordings INC.

In the past 24 months and counting, I’ve released several bodies of work including numerous mixtapes and singles, 4 collaboration albums with Sydney Sexton and various artists, and 6 solo albums “When The Street Lights Come On” (Oct 2020), “Due Diligence” Part 1 (March 1 2021), “Due Diligence” Part 2 (April 2021), “Perfect Timing” (May 2021) and “Year of the Foxx” (Aug 2021). Also set to release before 2021’s end – “Dark Alley – Locust Hill” (Nov 2021). Still F.O.X.X. 2022

Currently working on new material for 2023


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