Not Far Behind

“Not Far Behind” is a powerful and moving rock anthem written by Chester Doom vocalist Josh Best in the spring of 2022 while he was bedridden with Covid-19 and the war in Ukraine had just started and was all over the media. It speaks to the emotions of its time, capturing the struggles and hope of a generation in an uplifting and powerful way. It is a reminder that no matter what life throws at us, we must never forget that we are not alone.


Song feedback

  1. (5/5)

    This is a well constructed rock song with a definite ’90s flavor. That said, the mix feels cluttered and the production is a little busy. I would try to get a better mix with more space and the vocals more out front. Although I appreciate the subject matter and why you wrote this, I think the melodies are pretty good but don’t stand out. I would push the song for synch, I think this could be good for a movie or TV opportunity.